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  The Career Foundation delivers a variety of youth employment programs designed to meet the varied needs of youth in our community.  We currently offer various programs geared to youth that are delivered at our different locations throughout the GTA and Hamilton. Please see below for more information.


The Youth Job Link (YJL) program is available year-round for youth aged 15 to 29 who need help planning their careers, preparing for the labour market and connecting to job opportunities. The program can also offer individual supports and employer incentives to offset certain costs in some cases.  For more information about the Youth Job Link program, please CLICK HERE. 

The Youth Job Connection (YJC) program provides year-round pre-employment and life skills training as well as job placement support and mentoring to youth. The program aims to help youth who are 15-29 years of age; eligible to work in Canada; unemployed; not attending school full-time; and experiencing multiple barriers to employment.  The program also offers hiring incentives for employers!  For more information about the YJC program, please CLICK HERE.    


The Completing the Circle (CTC) program provides employment placement for youth under 30 years.  CTC assists youth job seekers in their search for meaningful employment by providing them with individual support, so that they understand their skills, identify their place in the labour market, and recognize their potential contributions to employers. For more information about CTC, please CLICK HERE.

The Career Foundation is pleased to offer Career Focus, a youth initiative that provides unemployed youth with work experience in high-demand occupations. Funded by the Government of Canada, our regional Career Focus program aims to connect skilled unemployed youth aged 15 to 30 in the Greater Toronto Area with private sector employers. For more information about the regional Career Focus program, please CLICK HERE.


Experience Ontario is funded by the Government of Ontario to provide career and post-secondary education exploration for recent high school graduates. The program provides an opportunity for enthusiastic youth to be coached and mentored into highly-skilled candidates for future employment. For more information about the Experience Ontario program, and how employers can apply to participate, please CLICK HERE.


Our General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship for Youth program provides participants with Apprenticeship Level 1 Training, pre-employment workshops, and paid work experience. To learn more about this exciting and innovative program, please click the link provided.



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