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Hiring employees:  Learn how we can help your business find, hire, and retain the people you’re looking for. Let our expertise be your solution.



Financial incentives:  Learn if your business is eligible to receive up to $10,000 in government support per employee for training costs through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant program, or if you qualify for other incentives available through any of our full-suite Employment Centres.



Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate: Learn what accommodating means, why it’s important to remove barriers, and the principles of accommodation. This e-learning module from the Ontario Human Rights Commission will help you stay informed.



Downsizing and layoffs: Find out about programs that can benefit both employers and employees who are dealing with downsizing and layoffs.



Partnerships among employers, employer/employee associations, and community organizations:  Learn about how you may be eligible to participate in an Ontario Labour Market Partnership.



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