The Career Foundation



Keep in mind, that the best way to have your questions answered is by calling us directly. Our team members will be happy to speak with you about our services.


Q:      How long has The Career Foundation been in business?

A:       The agency was established in 1988. We now have about 100 staff in 7 locations in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. Thousands of people per year choose us to help them find a job.  Hundreds of employers in a broad range of private and public sectors take advantage of our services.



Q:      Is The Career Foundation a government agency?

A:       No.  We provide services similar to those of an employment agency, but The Career Foundation is an independent, registered non-profit organization.  We receive funding from government agencies, private sector companies and individuals that allow us to provide services to our clients at no cost.


Q:      Is there a fee involved to become a Career Foundation client?

A:       The only service that is fee-based at The Career Foundation is our Career Centre program. All of our other services are provided at no cost as a result of the funding we receive from government agencies, private sector companies and individuals.


Q:      How do I become a Career Foundation client?

A:       Simply register on this website, or call or drop in to one of our location to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements and then schedule an appointment – it’s that easy.


Q:      How do I become an Employer Partner with The Career Foundation?

A:       To learn more about how we can help you meet your hiring needs please contact the office nearest you.  One of our Employer Services Consultants will be happy to assist you.


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