The Career Foundation

Employer Services

Our recruitment and staffing services are convenient, flexible and focused on meeting the unique hiring needs of each employer.  What’s more, they are available at no cost.  We will identify strong candidates who have the employable skills and attitude to help improve your organization’s overall productivity and employee retention.  

The employers we work with come from both the private and public sectors, and span all sizes from large to small organizations.

We can support your hiring efforts through the following services:

• Advertising your job opportunities on our website

• Reviewing résumés on your behalf and offering online recruitment services

• Pre-screening to identify the best candidates

• Providing opportunities for onsite interviews and job fairs

Once candidates for your openings are interviewed by our staff, those who best meet your requirements will be presented to you for further consideration. To learn more about how we can help you meet your hiring needs please contact the office nearest you.


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