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Skilled Trades Sector: The Current Scope

According to a June 2021 article in the Financial Post, employers in the skilled trades are struggling to find qualified workers. Since the pandemic began, there has been a decline in the number of skilled workers who are both qualified and willing to take a job in the trades. As a result, thousands of trades-related positions remain vacant in Canada.

As of March 2021, the vacancy rate in the construction field was 5.8 per cent, or approx. 58,300 unfilled jobs (Statistics Canada). With such a demand for talent, the only thing standing between you and a job is qualification!

The Career Foundation is invested in supporting employers to strengthen their workforce and we are already making a difference through our trades and pre-apprenticeship programs. Additionally, our Made in the Trades resource site educates job seekers about the benefits of pursuing careers in the skilled trades and how to get started.

Warehouse workers operating a forklift while wearing personal protective equipment

Click through the links below to access relevant information about the Skilled Trades Sector.

Employer Partners & Sector Experts

The Career Foundation has partnered with dozens of employers in the Skilled Trades — many of which are hiring now! To learn more about current career opportunities, connect with one of our Sector Experts today or browse our job vacancies on the Digital Job Centre!

Shauna McKenzie-Onita

Employer Services Consultant, Skilled Trades Sector

Shauna possesses over 20 years experience in the staffing and recruitment industry. She is an effective networker who brings people and organizations together to accomplish common goals. She describes herself as a “big-picture” thinker with a creative perspective – able to find and create opportunities that aren’t always obvious. Shauna grew to love the Skilled Trades Sector over the past 10 years due to the strength of employer relationships that she developed and her fascination with the numerous careers available in the trades.

Kristoffer Rodas

Skilled Trades Employment Services and Placement Specialist

With experience working with at-risk individuals and in corporate training, Kristoffer loves to build relationships and see individuals thrive and succeed. He is also passionate about the trades, having had the privilege of working within them, which shaped his understanding of the industry’s culture. He brings together his excitement for people and the trades by talking to job seekers about the many rewarding opportunities in this sector.

Skilled Trades Sector Initiatives

Future at Work Podcast & Webinar Series

The Career Foundation’s Future@Work Podcast and Webinar Series focuses on new and emerging trends occurring across high-growth industries, including the technology sector. We also highlight dynamic workforce development solutions that tackle talent needs and mismatches, and share career insights that truly develop human potential.

Listen to our Podcast | Watch our Webinars

Ontario Home Builders’ Job-Ready Program

Want to enter Ontario’s booming construction industry? The Ontario Home Builders’ Job-Ready Program provides job seekers with entry-level skills, training, and experience that prepares them for work in the construction industry. In addition to hands-on industry training, participants will be provided with a paid job placement and ongoing support to ensure their long-term success in construction. There is no cost to participate.

two construction workers look at a tablet while standing in front of a bulldozer
Arborist pruning a tree

Arborist Ground Worker Training Program (Skills
Development Fund)

Love trees? The Arborist Ground Worker Training Program provides job seekers with industry training that enhances productivity, safety, and efficiency while enhancing communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills — all in a practical learning environment that mimics the workplace. There is no cost to participate.

Made in the Trades: Guide to Trades & Apprenticeship

The Career Foundation’s Made in the Trades: Guide to Trades & Apprenticeship provides job seekers and employers with valuable resources for the field. Learn how to get started in the trades, access grants & training incentives, register as an apprentice, hire an apprentice, and more!

Craftsman Career Art Activity Skilled Occupation Concept
Young female carpenter wearing personal protective equipment

General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship Program, delivered in partnership with Mohawk College and the Carpenter’s Union Local 18,  is for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 who are interested in pursuing a career in carpentry/construction. Participants receive General Carpenter Level 1 Apprenticeship training, along with secondary trade exposure in Drywall, Acoustics and Lathing Application. There is no cost to participate.

The Newcomer Advantage Program

The Newcomer Advantage Program  is The Career Foundation’s response to the ongoing employment challenges that newcomers face. We are pleased to host this platform for newcomers so they can hear directly from industry leaders, network with professionals, and access sector-specific mentoring that will equip them to get a job and advance their careers in Canada.
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Upcoming Industry Events

Scroll through the stream below for upcoming sector events. To register for an event or to view more details, click the event image.

Industry Reports & Resources

The Career Foundation’s Workforce Development Centre provides labour market information, sector trends and initiatives, and workforce development planning opportunities to address labour market needs for our communities. See below for recent Skilled Trades Sector news and reports. 

Value of the Construction Industry

Report by: Canadian Construction Association

Learn more about the impact the construction industry has on Canada. This article covers the importance of the construction industry for the economy and the number of job opportunities that it offers.

Click here to learn more about Canada’s construction industry.

Construction workers on a labour site
Closeup of contractor in construction site pointing at plan on wooden sleeper

2021 Contractor Survey

Report by: Ontario Construction Secretariat

The 2021 Contractor Survey by the Ontario Construction Secretariat announces their business expectations for the year and captures their views on issues in the industry. The survey results provide statistics for every region in the province to display differences in the industry as a whole.

Click here to view the 2021 Contractor Survey!

Apprentice Demand: Ontario

Report by: Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

This report showcases the demand for apprentices in 2021 and beyond. Filled with statistics, you can compare the trades year by year.

Learn more about apprentice demand in Ontario!

Portrait of students studying for auto mechanic apprenticeship

Learn About Top Sectors in Ontario

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