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Foundations in IT

In this rapidly evolving digital age, organizations are increasingly adopting cloud platforms and are also susceptible to cyber-attacks. There is an increase in the demand for individuals with Cloud Computing and Data Security skills.

The Foundations in IT Bridging Program will focus on providing Internationally Trained Professionals with comprehensive knowledge in the areas of Cloud Concepts and Data Security and Legal Risk and Compliance to become certified as a CCSK+ (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge).

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Benefits for Participants

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Foundations in IT program, you must: 

Program Duration

This program is a total of 11 weeks, including the following:

What You'll Gain from the Program

Program Cost

Information For Employers

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Program Coordinator

Maham Khalid, Foundations in IT
Email: mkhalid@careerfoundation.org


Funders and Partners

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This Employment Ontario project is funded by the  Government of Ontario.

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