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What is a Skilled Trade?

A skilled trade is a profession that requires expert knowledge and specialized training.  Jobs in the skilled trades are rewarding and practical.   Workers in the skilled trades are generally well paid.  There are over 150 skilled trades in Ontario, and they are grouped into four main sectors:

•    Construction
•    Industrial
•    Motive power
•    Service sector


Industry and employers have reported that there is a need in Ontario for painters, machinists, and heavy equipment operators, according to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.


What is Apprenticeship?


•    An apprentice is someone who is learning a skilled trade.  

•    Apprenticeship combines on-the-job training and technical classroom instruction.  

•    Apprentices get paid to learn, and their wages increase as they advance their skills.

•    When an apprentice completes their apprenticeship

      and passes the trade exam, they become a   

      journeyperson, which shows that they have

      mastered the skills of the trade.

•    An employer sponsors an apprentice to learn on the

      job and go to school.  The apprentice works with a 

      journeyperson to master the trade.

•    Apprentices must register with their province or 

      territory in order to work and complete their 


•    Apprenticeship training takes two to five years,

      depending on the trade.
























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