Find a Job Fast With These Four Methods

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Tips for Job Seekers
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Find a Job Fast With These Four Methods

No job seeker wants to experience a prolonged job search, especially if they’re unemployed. The most efficient way to land a job is to stay focused and determined—persevere!

What habits can you adopt to succeed in your search?

  1. Create a daily job search schedule with daily job search activity goals, such as the number of applications and/or messages to companies you’d like to join.
  2. Constantly be networking. Ask your contacts to introduce you to their contacts. Nothing will get you into an organization faster than having an inside person vouching for you.
  3. Set up job alerts—lead generation—on job boards such as Monster, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, and for the companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn, so that opportunities land in your inbox. Follow up on every lead.

  4. Constantly look to improve, especially when it comes to interviewing. After every interview, evaluate yourself and adjust your answers to improve your performance.

What are other methods I can use to find work?

Tip: Find Your Tribe

Looking for your tribe is the best compass you can use when searching for a job. Don’t look for a job; look for where you belong and will feel accepted.

Trying to fit into a company that is a bad fit will frustrate you and extend your job search. Think: “I’m not looking for a job; I’m looking for my tribe!”

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Tip: Know Your Worth

Labour costs are a business’s enemy.

You should be trying to negotiate a high compensation package, with benefits, perks, flex hours, work-from home time, etc. Your employers are more likely to accommodate your requests if they feel they’re in a bind.

You may not be thinking about what will happen when the job market turns around, which is when employees who aren’t providing a healthy return-on-investment for their salary will be the first to be downsized.

Remember that economies are constantly expanding and contracting; therefore, think long-term. Know your market worth and aim for fair compensation. There are many online resources such as,, and that offer salary comparisons.  

Keeping your compensation package realistic gives you a better chance of getting hired over more qualified candidates with an ego, who ask for more than the company can deliver. Be humble, be realistic regarding your salary expectation.

Tip:  Present Yourself as the Solution

Jobs exist to solve an employer’s problems.


Job TitleProblem
AccountantKeeping track of revenue and expenses
Sales representativeRevenue generation
HR ManagerHiring the right employees and retaining current employees

Presenting yourself as the answer to an employer’s problem is the best way to convince an employer you’re the person for the job.

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The next time you come across a job opportunity you want to pursue, ask yourself:

  1. Why does this job exist? 
  2. What problems is this job supposed to solve? 
  3. How do my skills and experience make me the person to solve the problems this job exists to solve?

Then focus on communicating to the employer the reasons you’re the best person to solve the problems the job is supposed to solve.

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Tip:  Make your LinkedIn SEO-friendly

These days, a great deal of hiring is done via LinkedIn, where recruiters and hiring managers search for and approach potential candidates to fill their open roles. Therefore, in order for your LinkedIn profile to appear in searches it must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

The following 3 SEO tips will increase your odds of appearing in searches:

  1. Research and include relevant SEO-boosting keywords throughout your profile.
  2. Complete your profile in full, including an up-to-date profile picture.
  3. Regularly share keyword-rich content, using relevant hashtags.
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A clear plan and staying focused are essential if you wish to avoid a lengthy job search. Above all, believe in yourself! Employers are attracted to confidence stemming from candidates knowing their skill set and experience are precisely what the employer needs.

We hope you have found these interview tips helpful! For additional interview support, check out our monthly workshop on Interview Techniques  or register for our services  to book a practice interview with one of our Employment Services Consultant.

Nick Kossovan, a well-seasoned veteran of the corporate landscape, offers advice on searching for a job. You can send Nick your questions at